@ChrisPulisic Yes, that’s the beauty of it as long as you’re prepared for the market reversal it doesn’t matter when it happens. If this is a pullback just to cool off the rally, it will give more potential fuel to 420, maybe even 426. I’m just looking at the volatility index for now and seeing if it breaks out beyond the downward channel and we’re not there yet to truly confirm the reversal. Maybe if the Vix futures pops over 25.5, and we see a continuing momentum upwards from that point through the day (and market selloff thru EOD), I’ll call it the reversal:
@FTV @ChrisPulisic You have a gap opened at 25.58 from July 26th on Vix futures. So you could expect it to close it, but I think it will just give a chance for the market to cool off and go higher after. Vix still hasn't retested 20's and vix fut 22.30's. Sentiment still too bearish in my opinion to drop now. JMHO