$GAN You make valid concerns about the , and all the commenters say awwww boo booooo cry baby sell your shares pussy! They provided nothing of substance. No conversation or discussion about the stock. These people know nothing. Last night I had an argument with some guy who talks like he's a billionaire and has a picture of himself on a boat looking like a rich dude. Bullying me telling me to sell my shares since I'm a pussy. Got him to actually have a conversation about the stock. I said positive EPS was a bit smarter to shoot for than huge acquisitions. He disagreed strongly. 3 hours later I see him on dermots Twitter feed saying they should focus on eps instead of acquisition.... Lol. And he was giving me advice 10 min before. Big cool millionaire boat investor guy got his mind changed by a college kid who owns 2 stocks in his whole life and it only took me 10 min
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