$PSV Being a new trader and teaching myself to read patterns of the market and SEC filings. I learn something new everyday. It was my understanding that there wouldn’t be any possible delisting until December I planned my exit November before elections. It was literally soul crushing to see a sudden delist the same day another stock ran 3000%. Holding over 10k shares at .29 I’m manifesting and only speaking positively about this stock. Hard to do at times seeing how much I’m down. But I’ll try my best. I see the wholesomeness here and appreciate the vibes. I hope everyone here makes a killing and this company does right by their shareholders. I hope we will be the exception to BK and we live to tell the tale. I promise I will never mess with another BK stock if I get out of this unscathed or breaking even lmao. The only saving grace is that this is an oil company so it has to rebound. That and there was a 13D filing before the delist so someone bought shares knowing it would delist