$HMBL $ETH.X We need to be patient here folks. HMBl is making nice progress and the HMBL Team needs to make sure the NFT engine is built to accommodate the various needs of this vertical before the release. They will help define the arena and help build upon this very intricate space. With Brian at the helm, they will be one of the leaders in the space. Crypto/ Digital assets are the future. Bitcoin is the Digital Gold with a store of value similar to gold and Ethereum is the digital highway. Think of Ethereum as the fundamental layer they will enable the NFT space along with every major vertical once the world is ready. NFT's are only one facet that will define our future. Banks are the horse and buggy and digital block chain is the Lambo. Big institutions know this and are loading up Bitcoin/Ethereum. Can you imagine once this is all connected where HMBL will be? Get your engines ready and make sure you have exposure to both! Good Luck! @Solid77 @Investing4Knowledge