$JCP The following also tells me there has been a falling out with Simon 1) So, we saw the LOI signatures on Thursday and why did Simon just now include Authentic? 2) Seems to me a ploy as discussed since we think Simon was dissed by Sussberg before 7/27/2020 since he leaked a bid for 1.75 to NY Post on 7/27 3) So Simon signs the LOI on Thursday knowing it means nothing unless an 8K signed 4) Now Saturday morning SA says Authentic is now involved 5) This seems to be a premeditated plan by Simon assuming he does not sign an 8K with Sussberg. So, SPG puts out a bid on Sun/Mon showing Brookfield, Authentic and SPG to purchase the entire JCP Enterprise including debt paying 2.1B. 6) BUT, BUT, BUT this includes $6.25 per share for the 321M outstanding common shares totally dissing the Debtors, Executives and the Lenders plus this neuters the Judge powers not to approve since the public spotlight is now on the deal 7) I sure do love this thought process...what you say?[/b]
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