$EROS "any theories for the shakedown"? 1. don't pay attention to 'before/after hrs trading'. it's retail, simple. the MM's & Tutes & Hedgies are in the pub counting their money. the money they removed from you on the way up and on the way down. 2. as Steve presented earlier DP fleeced retail today, yesterday and the day before and the weeks before that (ever since the CARE downgrade). almost everyone here ignore the facts (read the filings), the Tutes & Hedgies are "hoovering up" retail nickle & dime accounts. MM's don't hoover, they make a market on behalf of the Tutes & Hedgies and help them take away your shares. 3. here's a fact, 7 out of 9 of you are going to lose money trading in/out. 7 of you will never figure it out, the remaining 2 know why. 4. by the time news hits, it's usually too late. figure out when and why Tutes & Hedgies are buying or selling. 5. 70% of trades today are machines/algos. do a chart, follow the money for entry/exits, nothing else matters.
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