$HYLN psa: anyone who “averages down” or “buys the dip” on a stock at an all-time low should immediately stop investing in individual stocks and stick what’s left of their money in an index funds. This is a rookie move that will end up with you eventually losing most of all of your money. If you follow the advice of these folks I would highly recommend getting professional help; either from a psychologist or a financial advisor.
@R_Kelly anyone who held on to psth for even a day after the UMG deal fell out is a clown. I sold immediately after the news broke. I still ended up a little ahead on that one which still puts me ahead all the people here.
@Intent818 Never lost huh? What about this 25k loss that just somehow slipped your mind? Hilarious watching kids play with money on here and trying to act big to random people on the internet. Lying to a bunch of people on Stocktwits to make yourself feel good, until you get caught out. Then you go and block people. How sad. Now go and make another account and continue bashing companies you know nothing about. Absolute clown
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