$WISH FYI: There are ~310K calls from $10 to $22.5 strikes (another ~45K calls above that) expiring 16 July. 310,000 x 100 = 31 million shares MM would have to buy. Best believe there are millions of naked shorts as well. Do NOT believe any site reporting short interest. Giving the investing public accurate information is the last thing short scammers would do. A squeeze scenario would be explosive and talked about for a year were it to materialize. Far more money to be made squeezing here than collecting on options premiums. Why chase after pennies shorting at these levels when billions could be made on the upside? Aside from other institutional owners of shares, if Theil's Fund still owns 59 million shares, they would be +900m if shares hit $25. Funds may also have a ton of calls "disguised" as "retail" and may have been selling puts for the last two weeks. Seems like a masterful plan. The table is set. Will one firm set it in motion devouring others or will we close at $9.99?