$YNVYF wow finally a car uses e-Ink. Take a look at $BMWYY videos from the CES2022 this color changing is awesome and unique and you know what who has that technology? Right, Ynvsisible a $25MIO company. This is the first step towards a brighter visibilty towards that great technology. Now I really hope, that Ynvisible is still working with car companies like with $NSANY (second link). I hope that $TSLA and $NIO will become customers of $YNVYF in the near future. Or maybe even a takeover candidate if the technology becomes mainstream for cars. youtube.com/watch?v=JnfCgCI... Nissan and Ynvisible has worked some years ago on the same what BMW has now presented rdotdisplays.com/articles/n...
@FromNanoCapToSmallCap it’s fking amazing bro but use your common sense. Are governments gunna allow people to drive cars that can change colours with the flick of the switch or a turn of the dial. Imagine all of the bad things that could be done with a car with this capability. The harm outweighs the good. This is comparable to this image below
@FromNanoCapToSmallCap imagine a bank Robert get away vehicle cops loookkng for blue car, or a person been abducted looking for this colour vehicle, or drugs are being transported i a vehicle of this colour…. You get my drift…. They won’t let this fly bro