3/5 Based on price action from mid-June, it seems as if the price point to secure in the short term in 1.00-1.10. From there, establishing support at 1.50 and then 2.43 will be key. The range of 3.50-5.00 should offer tough resistance, but if volume comes in at this point, 7.50 can be held. From there is difficult to say from this far out, but from a technical perspective alone, 10.00+ seems feasible for $GBOX if these price points can be held. A timeline for this is difficult to establish, but the ER on the 15th may be able to offer insight into this. Additionally, this is not a guaranteed “off to the races” scenario. Slow rise in price action (coupled with natural downtrends) to match natural growth in the company is possible. Technically, I suggest a shorter timeline, but I am not knowledgeable enough about the industry to say that with a high degree of confidence. Technicals are where I begin from, but they are a single part of a larger picture.