$CLVS Market wrap up for CLVS...What we witnessed here is Overhead Supply now around low $10 range...Many bag holders have purchased up in that neck of the woods...so what happens? Well when price rises near $10, Smart Traders jump in front of whimpering bag holders and sell it into the ground...Good traders don’t even give bag holders a chance to bemade whole in the $10’s...instead good traders step in front of bag holders and sell without prejudice in the $9.80’s and 9.70’s down to $9...Old underlying Demand was in the mid 8’s before today...Rinse and repeat...Average JoeSixPack Investor sits waiting for price to come back into the mid 8’s as he licks his chops, rubbing his greasy forehead looking for a good deal...Again Experienced Traders step in front of Average JoeSixPack Investor and begins buying without prejudice thus establishing a new higher underlying demand level while investors yell FOUL!!!...That is just how these markets work...Just my opinion...very bullish on CLVS
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