$TRXC @Stocktwits_2018 understands the importance of getting the stock Price up. I also understand the importance of not letting that happen 😂😂😂 Lincoln facility is useless at these prices! So is the ATM through cantor. (They hace raised over $11 mil al through canter as of 3/31 so they keep essentially diluting the quietly and it's hidden in a bundled line item in release) In case u weren't sure $11 mil on current market cap is HUGE! And it doesn't even last one quarter of OPEX 😂😂 So the pump release of a new free robot in Chicago didn't work, whats next to try and pump the stock? 🤔😂😂 Market knows these leases are 💩 and not material to financial performance They don't want to sell for what it's worth, they can't build a viable biz on their own, so bankruptcy is the outcome here. It's very sad 😞