$EEENF I have no fear. I've seen this happen countless times over the years, but I've learned to ride the waves and give it time. If this were a total scam, the price would drop and eventually this company would disappear into oblivion, but this is a company with HUGE potential. Can you imagine being the owner and sitting on all of that oil? With drilling permits halted, this will work in favor of those with existing permits, as they will be allowed to fulfill those permits. It will take some time, which I expected, but the price will eventually rise high and I will reap my rewards. The problem with trading today is all these message boards where everyone pumps the stock up after reading someone else's post. It become a huge feeding frenzy of people getting everyone pumped just like the locker room before the championship game. With enough repetition and hype, you can make anyone believe almost anything. But realistically, all you have are the facts, and to do your own research.