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      As a seasoned professional of software development and consulting, the technical side of trading has always enticed me. Over the years I've developed a deep interest in the analysis and discovery of chart trends and patterns.
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      CNBC Reporter. Financial journalist.
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      Trader Mommy
      Equity + Option Trader, Stock Chart Addict, Blog About The Market @ That is very well put, said Candide, but we must cultivate our garden.
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      Douglas Kass
      Founder and President of Seabreeze Partners Management, Inc., General Partner of Seabreeze Partners Short, L.P and Seabreeze Partners Long/Short L.P.
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      MTS team Official Account
      Market views by veteran floor traders, sharing market observations. Posts are commentary only; analyze & trade at your own risk! Partners with Yahoo Finance and many others..
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      brian rosin
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      Andrea Calissano
      Former Fund Manager. Founder of Traditional Technical Analysis, Elliot Wave guidelines and investor sentiment.
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      Chart Learnin'
      I use proprietary technical analysis strategies to trade equities using options. I post my exits and entries live on twitter for free.
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      Mike Levin
      I like quirky actors and sneaky Trendlines. Attracted to short term indicators and an occasional glass of Champanya, ok maybe a bottle...
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      Tory Capital
      Economics, Stock Market Data Breaking News, Technical Analysis & Political Economy Updates. We combine fundamentals with technical charting and momentum trading.
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      Brad Kamrath
      Active trader and blogger for
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      LiveStock is a Blogger with Rant Finance. "The Herd" is a blog that covers all news financial. There are the Bulls and Bears, but it's The Herd that makes this country move. Follow LiveStock on Twitter @LvStock and become a part of The Herd.
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      George Dagher
      George Dagher is Chief Market Strategist at George uses a mix of fundamental analysis, price action, technical analysis and market psychology.
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      Stephanie Persells
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      Kenny Glick Official Account
      The truth is an illusion just like the stock market. It's not real unless you make it real. All you peasants and serfs looking for the holy grail will walk over a cliff to your death as you follow the sheep in front of you. Good luck.
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      David Faber
      The Strategy Session, weekday's at 12:00p ET, dedicated to bringing you the stories and people in the world of business you need to know.
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      Alan Posner
      Growing capital every way possible. Uncommon wisdom for all! Tweets are only informational. Learn more at
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      Bespoke Investment Group
      Bespoke Investment Group is a research firm based in Harrison, NY. If you ever want to confirm or refute conventional wisdom about markets, we're a great place to start.