$GGAL #MERVAL WEEK IN HISTORICAL MAXIMUM MODE there will be record highs this week in the BVBA. . ?? . . The truth is that I found few clues that reveal a tendency, except for the volume that is props. . but there are some small signs for bulls. . Since May 2018, ALL peak peaks have been GROWING. . . . 4 were in total, will there be a fifth? It seems a priori yes. . then you can see that in this channel where it has been zigzaged since the same time in August, the price made an average recognition of that channel and left without ever losing 40K. . In addition, in the last correction he made a setback to 38.2 of the rally started on November 15 and left leaving a flag with a target in the 46,500. . We will see what the market sentiment is this lúnes. . also as in some places as being banks is running an expansive triangle.