$PTI I think the biggest point I can make is that this is not just a catalyst play but a value play. They were undervalued going into the last round of data, and even more so now. Even with the WORST case scenario (which to be clear I don’t think will happen) where the triplet fails and the doublet maxes out at ppFEV1 of 5, we still match/beat VRTX’s doublets. Doublets that have massive sales. VRTX won’t make the triplet available to countries and patients that don’t pay the price. It will be years before many have access, if ever. Even 2 years from now, PTI would be launching straight into a $1 billion + market, just by competing on cost. Let VRTX take the other $9 billion. Wake up idiots haha. By idiots I mean wall street of course, not this board 😘
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