$PTI if this board is a microcosm of retail thought (which, honestly, with proper DD is no different than institutional thinking), then it looks like those remaining finally have a proper understanding of what is going on here. This isn’t a speculative play to hope we get a pump of 50 or 100% and sell a quick profit. This is a company that has a breakthrough drug which is competitive with VRTX when dosed at only its EC10 (10% of max predicted efficacy or 10 times more effect possible). No safety or toxicity issues so far. VRTX has no analogous compound. This is perhaps the most profitable sector of biotech. Cheap, small molecules, essentially no marketing required (the physicians already know all the treatment options because currently it’s just a few drugs from VRTX), $300k/per patient/per year, patients on the drugs for life. This stock is one where you buy, hold, and buy more if it gets cheaper
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