$TRXC This ran too hard and too fast. It got ahead of itself from a technical and fundamental perspective. RSI on the daily is still sitting at 78 and needs to cool off before the next leg up. Share price is hovering at 3x its 50SMA and 2x its 20SMA. MACD still looks strong. A pullback is both healthy, and expected. There has been way too much blind pumping around here for my liking. The fake volume is worrisome. The company addressed its short term cash deficiency at levels just six months ago were unheard of. Institutional money is also seemingly coming back. But they also wildly missed their Q4 placement forecast and just went through a dilutionary period that likely doubled its share count. Have a plan. Sell here or don't sell 35% down. Q2 and Q3 are going to be fun around here. I want to be invested when these clinical papers are released and TRXC gets added back to the R2000. I just don't want to have a cost average this high. Good luck and God Bless.
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