$ASXC Many of you know me here. I ran my investment up 6x investing here in 2017/2018, then pissed away all my gains including my original seed money, even made it worse by averaging down when the rug was pulled. I was down 6 figures as this stock hit all time lows. I was resigned to the fact that the investment was lost. Then, we were bailed out by some shady offerings, and after years of falling, a confirmed reversal occurred and I started buying. It was clear bankruptcy was no longer a near term worry. Many caught the explosion higher after buying for pennies. I was made whole, others made multiples of that. I'll just leave you with this thought. I still see good people throwing good money at bad, averaging down in perpetuity. It's possible to be right about a company, but if your timing is poor, you will still lose it all. Wait for progress and a real reversal, then buy. R/S is not only likely IMO, it's necessary. GL, don't give back your gains.