$BLSP I just spoke with TDA specialist and CT (Transfer Agent)...there is a form to transfer some or all of your shares to CT...all it does is give you a chance to "store" your shares in the CT bank (it's not for trading, only for safekeeping)...you don't need to store all your shares, just as many as you want there... What does this do? It allows them to record you as a shareholder-of-record and therefore counts you as a shareholder. At the brokerage, you and all other BLSP investors count as 1 total shareholder-of-record. Form 15 requires any publicly traded business with more than 300 DIFFERENT shareholders-of-record to file their financials within 120 days. I finally found out how much it costs to do this: $0.00 ...there is no fee (unless you close your brokerage account)... The TDA form is being emailed to me. I will post it when I get it and have some shares transferred, just to see how well it works.