$BLSP When you make the transfer and receive the beautiful colorful Blue Sphere Logo Clear Trust Statement, you are OFFICIALLY a SHAREHOLDER OF RECORD of BLUE SPHERE CORPORATION ! I have my statement framed and on the wall! It reminds me that, even if we have to wait months for the financials to be released, I am part OWNER of the $40,000,000 company, and NOBODY can take that away! It is a good feeling!!! So whether we get 300 Transfers or 500 Transfers, just remember what the Certificate really means! It means that Blue Sphere's future is in OUR hands, and NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US !!! Make your transfer TODAY and become part of this $40,000,000 company !!! And in our bi-weekly shareholder meetings, we can proudly mention the soldier# we are! I'm #458... The future is Green !!!