$MMAT if you want to be an ape and spam ape go for it, but tbh im not really into it… here is why. After all the dust settles of ftd, shorts covering, and dividends meta will still be 📈, why? The revolutionary tech! Some life changing & life saving! fortune 500 and Global 500 companies are working with meta! These amazingly experienced phd holders aren’t coming to meta because of ftds, dividends, and torching some shorts… no! they came to meta because they believe in this revolutionary tech and they believe their knowledge/exp can help! The application to this tech in energy, consumer electronics, aerospace & defense, 5g/6g, automobile, and medical are mind blowing! And some of the backing/partnerships they have are from fortune 500 and global 500 companies! they acquired nanotech Security and looking into expanding their facilities, finishing up expanding their HQ, hired a bunch of phd holders this is always a healthy sign of potential revenue growth! #GoBeyond #IAmAnInvestor