$EROS Tomorrow morning we dip, stop losses will be taken, most of the 1/17 Calls will be sold, people will be happy with their 5-120% profit that we've enjoyed over the last 3 months....and for about 20 minutes they'll think they're really smart and they got out at the perfect time... ....But then, like a Phoenix from the ashes (just like on Nov 15th ER) EROS will rise like a teenager's morning wood and will finish at $4.32 with heavy volume as the people and institutions who actually listened to Prem's Q&A today will be buying hand over fist. ErosNow IMO will have over 350M Total and 50M Paying Subscribers by the end of 2022. They will migrate to a Hybrid OTT model SVOD+AVOD (ad-based revenue). And with 350M eyeballs, advertisers will be begging them to display ads and EROS will be making SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY IT WON'T BE FUNNY.
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