$SAVE $LUV $DAL $AAL buy buy buy before after hours ends! (Limit buy) Based on TSA throughput, Thursday’s numbers are a 50% increase from Wednesday’s. Granted, Wed is the second least busiest day to fly however it’s also a 50% increase from last Thursday. I can see today’s numbers being in the 400-500k range and only increasing or remaining constant Saturday - Monday. Even Tuesday (least busiest day to fly) will see some action. It’s gonna be a great week for airlines. The 500k range represents about 20% from last year. Yet it represents 10% more than COVID19 numbers. I can project being at 50% preCovid levels by Mid-June, early July. If we beat 700k passengers any day this weekend, airlines will rally quite a bit. My pick is particularly Spirit and Southwest. Spirit’s fares are usually cheap and people are broke right now due to unemployment. Southwest has $49 specials at the moment + double rewards points with a massive range of dates to fly.
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