$PRVB As a follow-up to my post below - looking back they actually exercised the warrants when the stock was in the 11's. So, running the numbers, they were the main reason (trying to piece together the timeline) the stock went from 11 to my best guess 7's. ------------------------------------ @Jwa68 JWA - you were 100% correct Sir. According to my math, and reading the piss poor financial statement of MGNX, it is clear they sold at least 1.6 million shares of PRVB at a ball park average of $8.43 per share. They were, without question now, the ones who destroyed the stock value taking it from the 10's to the 7's. Additionally, they were the ones selling with no discretion like a bunch of clowns just pressing sell a few thousand at a time. All the while feeding into the short interest on the stock. Every time there was any positive movement - boom - another few thousand being sold dropping the price over and over and over and over and over again. You called it perfectly.
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