$PRVB I posted last week a similiar chart ending at day 35. In this chart you will notice the the timeline is extended. As you will see in this new chart, not only is the patient's immune system back to normal by day 34 - as the timeline progresses the immune system actually gets stronger. The drug modulates the immune system, and as such suppression of the immune system will occur. For those wondering, is the drug safe? Well, in over 800 patients tested with Teplizumab the two main events - A brief rash and a momentary suppression of the immune system is it. So....... Let your child acquire a life long illness and shoot insulin into their body everyday with daily blood glucose monitoring and having to watch their diet for life where statistically their lifespan will be shortened by 16 years OR accept a momentary rash and their immune system suppressed for 34 days? Pretty easy answer from my perspective. We got this 👊
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