$PRVB From 2013, highly relevant for both the at risk and after onset population. The sooner our drug is administered, the sooner Teplizumab can protect the patient's beta cell function. The more beta cells we can protect, the more effective the drug is. Why is the at risk population so valuable to us? - we are catching the disease at it's PRE - infancy and able to protect/stop the onset of the disease. Why is the phase III PROTECT trial going to succeed? We are catching the disease within 6 weeks of diagnosis. The body at that point still has beta cell function, and the earlier our drug is administered the more beta cell function we can protect. We have 30 years of clinical data to justify our reasoning. I said before, the sooner you get an oil change in your car, the sooner you can protect the highly sensitive moving parts in that engine. If you wait, it seizes and stops. Then it is too late - you need a new engine. Type 1 D patients don't have a "new engine" luxury. news-medical.net/news/20130...
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