$PRVB What I find comical, for all the "smart" people who make up the "market" they still haven't figured out why daily there is new news, medical articles, and published material on screening for Type 1 D. News from the US, Germany, UK, and Australia. Lol. None of this material existed a year ago - why? Do you think it is just pure random coincidence? Look it up - you won't find squat besides some random hit or miss things prior to June 2019 - when the at risk trial results were published. The case has always been, why implement national screening for type 1 D when we have no way to stop it. Uh, well that has now been solved. Our drug, Teplizumab, will create a paradigm shift, and when that shift happens we are overnight a 150+/share stock. I believe it will happen that quickly. By the time "smart" people figure it out, they will be so far behind.
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