Good morning folks, We are on the slow grind of recovery. Have most seen their accounts going back up or are you still in the red? We know the reverse is confirmed, the best scenario is a nice steady increase and not a pump. More solid foundations are built into positions this way. Tickers that are still way oversold and due to start moving back up are: $SRMX $FPVD $INND $BLUU $HBRM FBEC - FTEG setting up for a big run and so is GARB as Dan Burda ramps up efforts for shareholder takeover.
@Yuriiboyka the green is slowly starting to come back. Even a few bumps up in MMEX’s price brings my account great joy. The only things deep in the red at stuff I YOLO FOMO’d on, so I like to look at those every day as a reminder to not be that dude 😂 Really excited about what April brings for NEOM with this coming up. Moves are being made. Time to release the 🍆 👑