$DRNG - Booom Northrop Grumman expert on the team. Very smart move by $NIHK CEO Frank Igwealor. Big up my Igbo people in this group. Your man Frank is representing!! Now this is how I think and if you think like me. You will see beyond this initial PR to see the humongous potential in this acquisition. Frank is Nigerian 🇳🇬 - Africa is ripe for technology we in the west take for granted. The PR mentioned both National and International expand in AI and Drone tech. Do not get it twisted. Nigeria has some of the worlds largest billionaires not on Forbes list. See the ahead. By the dip and hold for dear life and you will be rich rich. newsfilter.io/articles/vide... $ALPP $UAV $AMZN
@Yuriiboyka Beautiful! Promises made, promises kept as you say - I love this. Africa is going to be a huge player on the world stage (again) in the coming years and it’s beautiful. First SafeMoon & The Gambia and now this? It also goes to show where the world is heading in terms of where the money is flowing - AI and Automation. Makes me hold on to $PLYZ $SRMX $APPZ and $NEOM even tighter knowing money will poor into this eventually.