$PTN I’m excited
@kokokaka for their MCr1 Covid play? I’ve been invested since before approval last year. Flipped almost my whole core out. Only holding 5k shares now. Definitely going to build it back up. Chart looks great...golden cross in 2 weeks, or so We just got VYLEESI back. Not only did we get Vyleesi back, we got a bunch of money too! Not only did we get Vyleesi back, we also got a ton of the materials to sell, back! Now all of that stuff, plus rest of world rights now and the trials going on in dry eye - macular degeneration - This thing is set for another ride to at least 1.7-2.00. Oh and did I mention their inflammatory bowel disease drug has a Covid spin? In that it is used to prevent fibrosis and severe respiratory distress in those that already have Covid - aka a treatment in a way!
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