@OnlyMajorMoves @Phillyfan717 @Breeze72 This is her and I taking a pic that first day we met for the message board people who both knew us and were freaking out we were meeting up. Almost ten years ago now, and I'm still sitting here in the exact same spot. So much has changed though, that's for sure. She went on to live a very hard, drugged up life from what I've heard over the years, likely abused even more than she already had been too. We talked briefly in 2014 and basically made things all good between us and she had a lot of nice things to say and it was basically just a very sad thing overall. She was just too messed up by the time we met and maybe I was too. Both of us had been alone for too many years, I remember her saying. Neither of us felt like we deserved the other, maybe even more so in her case surprisingly. I tried though... I thought I'd found the one and she was so funny and witty and just amazing to me. But I had no patience for the bipolar attacks and stuff.