$OBLN "0" negative reports or information on this company because there are no negative reports. ZACKS wait for information to make informed decisions! There is no information other than insiders have been buying shares . Last time I checked people that work for a company like it to succeed and the fact that they have a share scheme to encourage length of service is excellent. Please if you are going to post to twist "0" negative press so you can buy shares cheaper you make me laugh. Another written article about a investor increasing their stake "0" negative press twist because they believe in Obalon. If you have a recent article that is factual about Obalon. Please write it if not post a question? Shorts one last thing get out 3 week window is closing. NEWS SWEET NEWS is coming from this Cash debit company. Buy Buy Buy look at Sorrento this week shorts were running but we're too late as like all these companies the bounce is in seconds on real news not noise. appy trading.
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