$TRVN Striking the Balance with TRVN. Quiet often, historically there are Investments that seem too good to be true, either ended up being the best performing stocks, or ended as duds due to Fluff, Hype or Fraud. Recent and historic examples are Theranos, Luckin Coffee, NKLA, TLRY, ACB, ENRON etc. The more we look at TRVN from the "Too Good To Be True", it's easier to get carried away, that we may end up falling in love with the stock. Things that I can think of being different wrt TRVN, when it comes to historical dud stocks are. a.Regulatory Approval against all the odds and the large trial it was based on. b.science/(Noble winning), on which the foundation was laid upon. c. Facts(Statistics and Numbers) and no hype approach of Mgmt updates. d. Tactical approach to Marketing Olinvyk (capture low hanging fruits initially). Bottomline, the more we keep our thoughts away from price action and noise, the stronger our "Conviction" becomes in holding it, that are facts based. JMHO. GLTA!!!
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