$JCP When you turn around a great dept apparel store 🏬 like JCPENNEY around that was slightly misguided by previous management it takes some time. Appearance last year. and mngmnt team changes last q were done. Margins and add on ideas too. That was 2019 early mostly last q. Stay the course here with Jill. She’s doing exceptional work. This brick and mortar apparel negativity of the entire sector and what they perceive as low lying fruit is warranted in some cases but over baked in the case of JCPENNEY Stores for what it is, what it’s worth, and what’s been done. $1.01 is ridiculously low and quite frankly absurdly pushed down. 2020 is the year. These improvements in JCPENNEYS Shopping and appreciation for customers shines. I’ll be loyal as I have been buying my clothes and shoes and belts gloves scarfs etc there for 40+ yrs. and many more will too. JCPENNEY is great quality clothing at the affordable price of any. BUY SHARES AT OPENING 🔔 BELL. Huge value there also now in 2020!
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