$JCP if bezos wants the whole Enchilada you have to realize the apparel etc has very little China exposure in textiles. Under 20% fine long ago. The brands are well made I shop there a lot. They are Bangladesh. India. Pakistan to name a few. Well Made stuff. The JCPenney Stafford cotton underwear Arizona and Foundry brands are strong JCPENNEY Brands. A lot of middle eastern and South American Americans shop their too. In adfition Wallys and Target are not as Inder exposed. Wallys carries a lot of cheap China textiles that do not last. Buy China after this huge Corona fiasco is not in big favor either. These are facts. Amazon would be proud to have its namebrands displayed next to Jcpennys Levi’s ANA all sizes for woman , Shaq, Strahan Liz Claiborne. Sephora. This is big to complete big in Amazons apparel line and building the hurst store 🏬 model would be HUGE. and Bezos can do it with Whole Foods mini mart healthy eating to boot. I think the whole package is real
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