$RVP I’ve never seen anyone bash a stock as much as you have on RVP and not have a short position in it (according to your words you don’t take short positions). What’s your beef? Are you made at the people at RVP? What’s your point since you’re not short in it? Why don’t you stay off of here (unless you’re shorting ) and continue to promote that horrible stock POLA you recommended to buy at $2.85!
$RVPCurrent Price = $1.28; We are forecasting $RVP's third consecutive quarterly profit in a row on a 30% increase in sales (see table), however, its 1¢ earnings per share will disappoint investors. Unfortunately, $RVP's stock price will probably decline below the $1.00 level, again. $RVP 4Q Earnings Forecast: 1¢ per share vs. Loss last year $RVP 4Q Sales Forecast: $10.7 million (a 30% increase) $RVP 4Q earnings release date: On or before Monday, March 30, 2020
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