@Stocktwits you’re a jibberish spewing mental fuck. You want to me to be In high school? You can’t show anything because you’re account will just show how much you lost since you claimed good entry at .30 😂😂😂never said I’m in the money here...actually said I’m down here. And again instead of talking about the stock or investing, you talk about women and bars and weird shit?!? Wtf go to bed you’re losing it
@RegularHorns Lol, exactly what you want right. "Do what I say if not it's not true". LMAO such an internet bully. Oh no if I don't post then I'm poor. 🤡 Are you in highschool? Please say you are. 🤣😂 You are definitely not in the money like you claim. This post tells it all. You must go around asking ladies their age. 🤔🤭 If they don't tell you, you stand up on the bar counter and yell, "this old hag is not 21". 🙉
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