$ACST @ScryingBiotech I think it is 99.9%+ chances that Phase 3 will succeed on primary endpoint. Looking at the Acasti deck slide 37, we can see the effect of 1g and 2g on the severe sub-population, which was about -18%. However, if you look carefully in the study protocol on clinicaltrials.gov/, you will notice the following eligibility requirement in the TRIFECTA study: 'Fasting plasma levels of TG ≥ 2.28 and <10 mmol/L (200 and 877 mg/dL) on two occasions within 2 weeks (screening and pre-randomization visits).' This means that all the 'severe' patients of TRIFECTA as presented in the deck were between 500 and 877 mg/dL. In TRILOGY the range goes much further: ≥500 mg/dL and ≤1500 mg/dL therefore the average 'severe' patients in the TRIFECTA are not as 'severe' as the ones in TRILOGY. Knowing that the higher the TG, the higher the % reduction when treated with CaPre, the results should come out even stronger than anticipated, most likely in the 25-30% range if not more.
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