$AABB $AABBG.X My first trade. Today is my 1 year AABB anniversary. I've made almost 200 buys since, zero sells and today's 11.25% win is a great way to start my weekend celebration. I've seen a few 30% +/- days in both directions, been up tens of thousands, been down tens of thousands. Never once tempted to sell. Never once tempted to short Why? I support this company. I know what I own, I trust my instincts, and the amount of DD compiled by the true longs here have blown away every expectation I had when I started my position here a year ago. Why would I sell, when the company keeps delivering?! I am thankful for being able to add to my position throughout a very difficult year filled with hardships many people felt at home. I only hope that in 5-10 years, everyone with foresight that brought you to AABB, who've fought on the front lines with the MMs day after day, will be as well off as I believe we all will be. AABBSOLUTELY BULLISH!
@AABBsolutely my first buy anniversary on fidelity is coming up as well, it’s crazy how fast the time went by!!🤯 the best part is that I have half of my Roth IRA contributions in AABB as well. The taxes I save will be in the millions of dollars when I’m old and wrinkly and decide to sell a few shares
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