$SPY $BTC.X $MARA $RIOT $GBTC My thoughts on Bitcoin this weekend ... as I posted Thursday, I was taking a pair trade on Bitcoin into this weekend that favored the long side but hedged just in case.I think we finally get a break above the highs as early as Sunday evening/Monday morning, or low 50's on the way. And although Bitcoin tried after the mkt closed Thursday, trading above 60k, it has retraced to 57k presently. If you head over to YouTube, which I try and do as infrequently as possible for the reasons I'm about to explain, the Bitcoin YouTuber bulls are in panic mode. Yeah, if you follow these YouTubers, you are likely going to die of dizziness. They put out two videos a day which seem to constantly contradict themselves. They use these intense charting systems which they live and breathe by. Me? I use very basic charts and trade on gut. Those who follow me know my system works pretty well :) So is Bitcoin crashing or going higher? Higher. They are just shaking out the weak.✌