$BBIG @Chicity11 @MrRicApe75 @Macdowntrend @parakinparakon @RedneckTaxCPA @OSUINVESTMENT My thoughts on BBIG .... me calling BBIG a scam since it waa north if $8 wasn't to try and "manipulate" sentiment. It was to help those of you who are new to the market. Those who were being conned into believing something that just wasn't true. I know there are many who still believe in what Farnsworth is selling, but there were certainly a few who were warning, like myself. Here is my best piece of advice ... when you see someone posting a comment on ST that has some meat to it, check out the ratio of ideas they have given vs the followers. I would have a hard time following anyone who no one else cares too . Chances are, what they post never really has much value. To those who endlessly pumped BBIG, I say this. Next time you decide to post on ST, offer something of value. Don't manipulate a stock and suck others who know no better into a crap stock. ✌