$SPY $AAPL $TSLA $AMD $QQQ My thoughts on the stk mkt next week ... As I posted yesterday on Stocktwits, I had sent an email alert out to members yesterday morning that a double bottom was forming on the intraday and our trade-able bounce was likely coming. In fact, I spent all week preparing members for the bounce we saw late yesterday and today. Truth be told, at the beginning of the week I chose Wednesday as the day we would bounce. And it probably would have been had it not been for David Tepper. Regardless, this bear turned bull for the very short term. But now the mkt is going to have to prove itself. I do not think the lows are in, but these rallies are to be expected. Especially given the RSI and extremely bearish sentiment. Looking forward to a new Game Plan for the Week this Sunday. jessielivermore1929@gmail.com