$BCRX Funny story.... I see some similarities with a stock from an entire different sector recently. In July of 2020, a little company under the ticker symbol $APPS had several bashers and bears trolling as it headed into Q1 ER for 2020. Lots of bashers...lots of naysayers... lots of "I'll buy the ER dip" etc and so forth.... reminds me of also the Q3 ER of $MGNI in late 2020... same story. Held it down for so damn long and both those companies had made massive moves in their respective quarters.... but their stock price didn't. And all the bashers were hangiing out trolling those boards.... and longs were getting tired of waiting... and analysts had lowball price targets... same old story... different day. So, what can you take away from this? Can you pull up a chart? Google "APPS STOCK" or "MGNI STOCK" and look at the earnings release dates I mentioned above after months and months of stagnation, manipulation, and accumulation. Take a little peek at the charts.
@justfkntrade @Dr_Van_Nostrend @BK74 Bro this guy told everyone to buy limelight networks before er last year and it tanked. I bought in a sold off quickly luckily after going against my better judgment when I was berated on that board from this guy and others for questioning there shitty financials....PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUY HE IS A SCAM ARTIST AND only responded once two weeks after er on $LLNW BOARD TO APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE B/c he “sincerely” thought he was giving good advice. First and last time I ever listened to anyone on stocktwits. Thankfully, I didn’t go in heavy in that company. Do yourself a favor guys/gals be very careful listening to this guy. He sounds so sincere and can possibly cost you bigly!