$AMC OMG. this thought just hit me. Let's assume that there are at minimum 200mm shares short. Probably a lot more since these assholes don't report the truth. Now, let's say aron strikes a deal with Amazon to sell the company for $20/share. With me so far? Okay, now as part of the deal, it has to close may 20. Now, there has to be a big player involved on aron's side. They instantly push the stock price to $20. Then push it up $1 every hour. Eventually retail will take the hint and stop selling. Shorts don't cover because they think naturally the price will go back to $20. Aron sells all 43mm shares way above $20 to the shorts AS THEY HAVE TO COVER BY MAY 19, THE DAY BEFORE THE AMAZON DEAL CLOSES. SHORTS pay $200/share, we get $200, aron gets a nice payout on those 43mm shares and Amazon gets a great deal. Everyone happy except for citadel, who files for bankruptcy. It could happen. Aron is a smart guy and goldman is involved with the 43mm shares.