$AMRS With significant assistance from the legendary @GreenAndGreen, I have put together a perspective that summarizes my current thoughts on the synthetic biology industry; I hope you find it helpful. Suffice to say, the industry is in its very early days, with enormous opportunity for many major players. For all of us who have arrived early to the party, this will be an amazing journey to see play out over years. I have no doubt there will be ups and downs, but the overall trajectory has never been more clear. Please access the pdf at the following link: drive.google.com/file/d/1_n...
@Wiffle1 @GreenAndGreen Thanks for this Wiffle as always. Do you have any sense of whether there remains bad blood between AMRS and Gingko? They had some kind of a collaboration deal which seems to have fallen apart a number of years back. Based on your thesis, it appears that they may need to work together again.
@WantedToRetireEarly @Wiffle1 @GreenAndGreen @CaptainConfusion @Dcrolltide @teacher87_99 Thanks Wiffle and Green for preparing this. WantedtoRetire: I would say, reading between the lines, at the very least there are big egos in the room, if not outright Bad Blood. With Melo publicly gloating about having the largest tanks in the industry and being 6-8 years ahead of Gingko, it's certainly not helping the prospects of reconciliation if there is a lingering issue between the two companies. But, I suppose, when the stakes are this high it tends to get the competitive juices flowing. Question for Dr. Wiffle: How much of this will be on the Final Exam? :)