$DPHC The MM is going to run this down a few times before merger. One of these days it will not bounce back so PLEASE plan on holding or adding more when that happens. There are new investors here and the MM will leverage that for cheap shares by running it down. BUY HOLD WIN. It is easy. Do NOT panic if it drops here and there. They are managing this SPAC to stock conversion perfectly. They do NOT want to run it up too much before merger. There is real value and growth with LMC so it's a dance to give gains, but keep it realistic so AFTER merger there is no reason to dump new shares. New POST MERGER shareholders COULD sell for some double gains, but why? ALL of those new investors are not small retail ones. They KNOW a good stock stock like this, so the MM holding it back so it tracks around $30/share at merger sets up stock for best run POST MERGER. Reduces risk and offers gains for everyone. SO IT IS WRITTEN.
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