$RIDE Most on here for any amount of time know I'm what you might call an over-poster...errr...over-gif'r? At any rate, I've put my life savings in here since DPHC days and follow this stock daily. This will change your life if you buy and hold it. I owned 2000 shares of $TSLA at $40 share PRE-SPLIT. It's like $6 million now I missed out on. I owned $AAPL at $18/share. I sold both for small profits. LESSON LEARNED! $RIDE is going to get to $50 and beyond so quick. Remember that $CCIV is going to be valued at $15 billion competing against so many while we compete against so few. That valuation gives us 3 TIMES current price. Seriously, $NKLA has a bigger market cap than us?!?!? LOL!! $NIO is Chinese and risky at these levels. Lordstown Motors has over $5 billion inn preorders w/o govt orders yet! Beyond that, our FACTORY ensures upwards of $20 BILLION yearly revenues in just a few years. $180/share all day long. Get in and hold long. FOR THE WIN.