$RIDE MEDIA and Analysts are so biased to help the shorts and pump FORD/RIVIAN partnership. INSANE that SEC lets this BS happen! "The Establishment" is not even hiding the bias with $1 price targets and Analysts that didn't even bother to understand the main technology of $RIDE EV Truck when they crush Price Targets down. All while calling $RIDE expanding "costs" but Ford needing to spend additional $30 BILLION to launch EV (in addition to $138 BILLION in loans outstanding!!!) is called "investing" in the EV future?!?! HUH?! WTF?!!? *** Of course, Morgan Stanley, Goldman, JPMorgan all helping with RIVIAN IPO has nothing to do with pumping Ford and attacking $RIDE stock with low price targets and FUD. *** Then they pay for CNBC talking heads to follow suit and attack $RIDE stock (b/c CNBC is a paid commercial to move "retail" investor money to "The Establishment". Lordstown Motors delivers trucks from that plant and they can't hold us down. Can't hold America down anymore!