$RDBX This is daily short volume for last 10 trading days. Add them up it equals 1.79mil. sure some could of covered. Currently ortex showing 1.1mil shares short. For the last 10 days of trading an avg of 50% of the daily volume short! With only 2mil trading shares avail that's over 50% of what's avail to trade! I would be surprised if we don't own the float. I own and locked 55k shares of this 2mil. And I saw @zombieboy_trade has 11.5k. how many others? Doesn't take much of our 5665 watchers to lock it. I understand not everyone watching owns shares. I also understand not everyone owning shares is on stock twits. Moral of story here is we can destroy these short with sum momentum and volume! Spread the good word. And with a set up like this PAYtience is key! Gl peeps